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    During the Yugoslav period, Croatia wasnike air max 95 sale
    a region with a strong football background. Their football base was profound and even completely ruined during the war. Both Modric and Manzukic were born in the Yugoslav period. After Croatia became independent, they started football. They all experienced the blood and tears that Yugoslavia disintegrated brought to their air max ld zero

    Croatia’s football league is the most professional and youthful in the Balkans. Dinamo Zagreb is the squad of the Croatian League, and its football academy is the blood bank of Croatian football talents. If Croatia won the World Cup third place in 1998 thanks to the Yugoslav football, then the “new golden generation” represented by Modric, Rakitic and Manjukic is the first football youth training after Croatia’s founding. Batch of fruits.

    In this Croatian team, only two players are from their domestic leagues, and the other 21 players play in other European leagues, covering the top five leagues and top leagues in Russia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Ukraine and Turkey. Whether it is Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Atletico Madrid or Juventus, Inter Milan, a large number of top European clubs have Croatian players.

    The people of the Balkans are breezy, and they are baptized with war and war, and everyone is more disciplined and team-oriented. The Croatian team has carried forward this spirit of solidarity. Modric has played the role of top core players. Subaki, Fosarico and Manjukic have all played in the three overtimes. A scene.

    The 52-year-old head coach Dalic has not been seen in the player era. The coach is only in the second-class club and the West Asian League. The highest achievement is that he won the AFC Champions League runner-up in 2014. In the final round of the qualifier last year against the Ukrainian team, Dalic was rushed to take over the coaches until he saw all the players in the away game in Kiev. But from that moment on, Dalic did not lose, and now Sukh, who is already the president of the Croatian Football Association, has a high degree of trust in him. His iron fist management was expelled after the first round of the group’s turn and the AC Milan star Kalinic was evident.

    In 1998, Croatian midfielder Prosinecki said: “The Croatian people need a little happiness to reunite, the World Cup is the best anesthetic!”

    Who can dream back to 1998? Several final conjectures in the final

    The French team’s final against the Croatian team is a “European Latin” matchup from the traditional tactical style. In the 1998 World Cup in France, the two teams met in the semi-finals, Suq scored a goal, but the French team’s right-back Thurlam suddenly broke into two goals, the Croatian team eventually lost to the opponent 1 to 2, missed the final.

    This time, the Croatian team’s “new gold generation” and the French team’s “new gold generation” meet again, who can dream back to 1998?

    The Croatian team is the second team in the history of the World Cup in which three consecutive knockouts have been played. The team that was so “tough” was the England team in 1990, and the team eventually lost to the West German team to stop the semi-finals. The last World Cup of Argentina also hit the overtime in three of the four knockout rounds. The final was due to the lack of physical strength at the foot of the German team.

    Today, the biggest shortcoming of the Croatian team may be physical fitness, but many people believe that although the Croatian team is in a disadvantage, Modric + Rakitic’s midfield combination is enough to make them beat France in experience and control. . Can the ninth new king of the World Cup be born?

    There is no doubt that the Golden Globe will certainly not be able to escape the hands of the two teams. Gretzman, Mbape or Modric, I am afraid that is the biggest suspense in addition to the champion.

    As the core member of the Champions League 3 consecutive championships, Modric has surpassed the original Suk, but in the national team, Modric’s historical position is not comparable with Suq for the time being, because the latter won the 1998 World Cup. Winner of the Golden Boot, the Golden Globe entered the top three. Today, the Croatian team has broken the third place, and Modric will be at least equal to Suk if he can win the gold ball.

    Mbape has clearly locked in the Best Newcomer Award. If he performs well in the finals, he can’t rule out that he can put the Golden Globe Award into his arms.

    In addition, the French team’s Lori and the Croatian team’s Su Brazil will also compete for the “Yasin Award”, which symbolizes the best goalkeeper.

    As for the Golden Boots, it is up to Lukaku in the 3rd and 4th finals to attack Kane



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