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Living in a quiet town is helping Patriots receiver Michael Floyd stay focused

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    Anybody remember a couple years ago, when Grantland’s Jason Concepciondid the math and figured out that when J.R. Smith was still on the Knicks, he was a career 42% shooter – except for when the Knicks played on Sunday, when his shooting percentage dropped to 39%, and as low as 34% in 2012-2013? Good times.Living in the big city, man, you’ll never run out of things to do.Michael Floyd, of course, got popped for a particularly embarrassing DUI that ended up getting him kicked off a particularly embarrassing Cardinals team, and now that he’s settled in at a hotel in Foxborough Martellus Bennett Color Rush Jersey, Floyd’s finding it’s way easier to stay on task when there’s, well, not a whole lot to do.ESPN’s Mike Reiss talked with Michael today about howstaying just a few minutes from Gillette Stadium may not be great for the social life, but it definitely helps him stay on task and focused: “Not too many things to do around here. That’s good for me…where I stay at right now, it’s kind of a place for me that I can really focus in on football and get to work in less than three minutes. I really like it.””Asked if his approach has differed from his time in Arizona, Floyd said, “I think it’s just a different attitude, a different feeling, being the new guy coming in you have to be up on everything, on your toes, just making sure whatever they throw at you, you’re right on top of it and focused and ready whenever your number is called.”Michael Floyd talks about how he is staying 3 minutes from stadium, helping him stay focused. }); “Right now, I’m living in the moment. I’m not worried about next year of what’s going to happen with me here. I think right now I’m excited to be here, I’m excited to be on this team, and this is where I am now.”If Michael Floyd’s performance so far is any indication, the crash course in the Patriots offense is moving along just fine. Now imagine what he’ll be able to do with a whole bye week’s worth of preparation under his belt.



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