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    As he’s been all season, Collins was a dynamic player in the open field and at creating yards for himself. Collins averaged 5.51 yards after defenders closed within one yard of him. He became the focal point and engine of the unit after Joe Flacco, who was in his hottest stretch of the season, left the game in the second quarter following a penalized hit. Even when the Dolphins dedicated Buster Posey Youth Jersey extra resources to stop him, Collins made them pay. He ran against a loaded box on seven of his 18 carries tonight and churned out 8.14 yards per rush.

    Going forward, one would have to imagine this performance, in conjunction with his efforts in limited looks, will force the Ravens’ coaches to expand Collins’ role. Allen is a useful role player and should remain a superior passing game asset, but he simply doesn’t bring the juice Collins does to the ground game. Even in a performance better than his season average, Allen’s 3.81 yards after Chase Johnson Youth Jersey close doesn’t compare to his teammate’s output.

    If Collins does sustain the momentum he established tonight, the Ravens may well have finally uncovered a team strength amid a wayward offensive season. Despite turnover on their offensive line dating back to the Chris Stratton Youth Jersey offseason and continuing into the 2017 contests, Baltimore sports a solid run-blocking unit. The Ravens running backs averaged 0.67 yards before defenders close within one yard of them in Weeks 1 through 7 (NFL average – 0.29). Next Gen Stats yards before close shows the inverse of the previously highlighted metric and helps us quantify the offensive line’s run-blocking performance.

    Even on a night when the Ravens’ run-blocking checks in below their normal output with a 0.13 yards before close average, a talented runner in the backfield did more than enough to create on his own. For a team Clayton Blackburn Youth Jersey that was in desperate need for someone to emerge as a difference-maker, Thursday night showed that they have one in the backfield.

    Even if he’s come from the most unlikely of places, the Ravens now have no choice but to continue to feature Collins as their primary running back. You can’t put the genie back in the bottle nor keep this cat from staying in the backfield (we’re sorry, but no tracking data is available for the real cat that made a TNF cameo). Should he continue to match his efforts all season and most especially his output against the Dolphins, Collins may just be the needed piece in uncovering an offensive identity.





    fares 5

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