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    I don’t know what to do about this…

    When I click on “Add New Item” under the “Slides” menu, it takes me to the page, no problem.  When I click “Add Media” button by the “Add Slider Image,” no problem; the popup for adding media from computer, URL, or media library pops up.  But when I actually upload, link, or select media then click “Insert into Post,” nothing happens.  Nothing to show or confirm my previous prompts, like other similar upload options on WP.

    Updating does nothing either.  No image information that confirms my selection shows up, even after a hard refresh.  When I go to the home page, if I made it an Nivo Slider it’s just an empty space with the back and forth arrows.   If it’s a Flex, the empty space is much shorter, but still has the arrows.

    The crazy thing is the “Slide Image Link” option does work, so if I linked the slide to something and click it on the homepage it will take me there, no problem.  But on the home page slider, the image never shows or registers!

    Please someone help me!  My test site is here:


    Gabi Schiopu

    In Admin, on slide page you should see the image like this after upload :

    This does not happens for you ?



    Thank you for replying!

    Yes, that is what I expected to happen, but it does not happen.  The picture never shows up.

    I first click on “Add Media,” then gallery and select my slide.  Below is how it looks right before I click “Add to Post:”


    Then no picture shows, as if I hadn’t selected a media file:


    And when I go to view the post after updating, this is what happens:


    Any ideas as to why it’s not recognizing my selections?  Once again, thank you for responding.



    Gabi Schiopu

    Man, i have no idea what to say about this. First time i see this issue and i can’t relate to anything. Will you pls try to install the theme as a different one on the same server and see if the original version, without any customization, will act the same ?



    Okay I attempted to install on the exact same layout, just labeled “webfolio 2.” I FTPed it, and check the Themes tab to activate.  Preview pictures looks different, which was my first tip off this might not go so well:

    I removed all of my custom css code in Theme Options, so that wouldn’t affect the theme.  Once activated, it screwed up waaay more than before, and the slider still does not work.  The navigation bar can’t handle any dropdowns anymore, and even without that, the alignment for the texts links are off:

    And it’s also wrong inside wordpress.  The theme options are not formatted correctly anymore, no tabs:

    And the slides option is worse now.  When I click “Add Media,” the upload popup doesn’t even load anymore!

    I switched it back to the original webfolio that I edited, and everything’s back to normal (including the non-working slider).

    After this, I tested this layout (under the name of webfolio 2 again), on another of our sites just to be sure, and yes, the same thing was happening over there too.  BUT When I tested again under just “webfolio” on the other site (the original navigation css settings didn’t register on this one, but everything else looked right), the Add Media and Insert into Post, worked, properly displaying the image in the slide settings:

    Once I switched it off Nivo to Flex it worked.  I switched it back to Nivo and it continued to work:

    So with all of this… should I just save my CSS settings offsite and re-install the theme?  The only thing I edited before discovering the slider didn’t work was css styles of the header, which I don’t know why that would affect the slider.  Perhaps you see something in all this that I don’t?


    Ken Penner

    I’m wondering if there is a built in limit of 10 slides to the Nivo Slider. I’m using the ‘Boldy’ theme. I’ve added 23 images to the Nivo slider and all is well…except only the first 10 show. The other 13 never appear. I’ve checked the directory in which they are stored (under uploads/2012/10) and it is called ’10’. I’m wondering if that is signficant… Any ideas???



    @ gabi.schiopu  I tried to delete the theme and do a clean re-install, cleared the files not just from WordPress but from the backend.  Everything was gone of the old webfolio with non-default settings.  I then downloaded a new version of webfolio, and then FTPed it onto my server, to make sure no previous worked on files and settings were there when I started.  But when I activated the theme, it STILL showed all of the settings that I had done in WP!  And of course the slider STILL doesn’t work!

    How is this even possible?  I thought when you completely delete a theme it takes EVERYTHING with it, including any changes you made to that theme.  So how is it when I install a brand new downloaded version of the theme it reloaded all my previous settings?  Is that data somewhere else in the back end?  And if it is, could it be that it’s preventing me from doing a true clean install and screwing around with the slider in some way?

    Also, when I did the install on the other site I tested this theme on and it worked, that site was using an older version of WordPress, whereas the site I’m trying to get this theme/slider working on is the current and updated version of WordPress.  Not sure if that’s helpful towards this problem.

    If we can’t find a way to fix this problem, I’m more inclined to download a slider plugin to make it work than get another theme.  However, I have had conflicting plugins before screw up a site in the past, so I am a bit wary of going this route.   But that site had both plugins being used at the same time, whereas this one will only have one in use and the default dis-activated.  Is this an okay solution or would you advise  against it?

    @ Ken – While I doubt we are having the same problem,  is unsettling that the Nivo slider seems to be screwing around on both our sites on different themes.  Which is really off because I have Boldy installed on 3 of our sites, and the sliders work perfectly.  Now I don’t think I’ve had to upload more than ten, nor are they the latest versions of Boldy.  But I feel ya on broken sliders.


    Ken Penner

    I know that if you use shortcode and just put [nivo source="current-post" ] the slider only shows 10 images. You have to add [nivo source="current-post" number="all"] to your shortcode.

    Problem is ‘Boldy’ doesn’t use nivo that way. Nivo is built into the theme. It’s as if the code they are using goes to the default ‘current-post’ setting. I’ve looked at their code and they use a ‘while loop’ which keeps executing as long as their are ‘sliderposts’…but I can’t figure out how to change it. HELP!!!!


    Gabi Schiopu

    @Ken, the slider shows the same number of slides as the Admin>Settings> Reading has set for posts per page.

    in home.php, replace this line of code :

    $slideshowloop = new WP_Query( array( ‘post_type’ => ‘sliderpost’, ‘order’ => ‘ASC’ ) );

    with this:

    $slideshowloop = new WP_Query( array( ‘post_type’ => ‘sliderpost’, ‘order’ => ‘ASC’ ,’showposts’ => ‘-1’) ); ?>

    this should fix your issue, making it independent from the Reading settings


    Gabi Schiopu

    @ anigym6, @Ken, pls if you have Boldy issue, in the futture post it under Boldy forum.

    @ anigym6 as i’mnot sure anymore which theme are you using, webfolio or boldy, i can only say that, for both of them as the current versions are pretty different in functionality and code than the old, first versions, installing the new version on the old setup wont work right, some content and setting will need to be redone, including slider and options.


    Ken Penner

    Ok. Will do. Thanks for that very simple fix re the # slides/posts. Works like a charm!



    Buenas, estuve 2 hs luchando sin poder hacer andar el slider.
    La instalación la hice sobre un servidor Linux, con lo cual se debe revisar las especificaciones que figuran en el archivo timthumb.php

    Luego de ello a disfrutar!




    Hello, I using the boldy theme. Everything looks good so far but when I attempt to view my slider. nothing happens. I have uploaded images, they display inside the “slider” add media preview box but nothing shows up on the webpage. Please help




    Did you set a static page to be homepage in Settings > Reading? If yes, don’t do that.




    hey Guys, I have the same problem on slider. when i set the image it don’t shows in the slider admin page.
    Do you got some solution for this problem?


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